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Isabel Roditi

Isabel Roditi (Switzerland) is Full Professor and Co-Director of the Institute of Cell Biology at the University of Bern since 1999. She studied Biochemistry in Oxford and obtained a PhD in Virology from Cambridge before moving to the field of Molecular Parasitology. For more than thirty years, she has conducted basic research on a variety of pathogens, principally on African trypanosomes, the parasites causing human sleeping sickness and the animal disease Nagana. Her current research focuses on the molecular basis of stage-specific gene expression, host-parasite interactions, communication between parasites and novel approaches to drug discovery.

As a member of the Swiss National Science Foundation Research Council (2001-2010), Prof. Roditi oversaw three National Research Programmes (Endocrine Disruptors, Implants and Transplants, Stem Cells). In addition, she was President of the Swiss National Science Foundation Specialised Committee “Careers” from 2008-2010. In this capacity, she launched a programme, the “120% solution”, enabling postdocs in their childbearing years to combine career and family, and to maintain productivity.