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Pere Puigdomènech Rosell

Pere Puigdomènech Rosell (Spain) graduated in Physics (University of Barcelona, 1970), defended a thesis (thèse de l’Université) in Montpellier, France, in Physical Chemistry (1974) and a doctoral thesis in Biology (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1975). As a postdoctoral he visited the Biophysics Unit Portsmouth Polytechnic, UK, Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Genetik, Berlin and was Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since 1981 he is a member of the scientific staff of the Spanish Research Council, CSIC. Between April and September 2013 he was a visiting member of the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge and Visiting Fellow Commoner, Trinity College, Cambridge during the Easter Term. He presently is Research Professor of CSIC in the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics, Barcelona.

His main present research area is Plant Molecular Biology and Genomics. He has published 150 scientific articles in refereed journals and books, 2 patents, 18 Ph.D. thesis supervised. Research grants held since 1982 and European research grants since 1986. He has published more than 500 articles on science in popular and scientific journals, including Nature, and the main Spanish journals such as El País or El Periódico, five books on popular science and scientific fiction. For this work he has received the Prize of the Spanish Confederation of Scientific Societies for Science Communication in 2013.

He has been the first Director of the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (2003-2013) and the first Chairman of the Ethics Committee, CSIC. 2008-2012. He has been a member of different advisory boards of European Institutions including INRA, EFSA and ALLEA. He is member of the European Group on Ethics of Sciences and New Technologies of the European Commission and Member of Scientific Board of CNRS, France. He is Member of Academia Europaea, EMBO, Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Reial Acadèmica de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona and Foreign member of Académie d’Agriculture de France and Academy of Sciences of Hungary.