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Rolf K. Reed

Rolf K. Reed is professor of physiology and Head of Department at Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen, Norway. He received his MD and PhD from University of Bergen about 30 years ago.

His research has focused on aspects of fluid and protein exchange in the circulation, connective tissue physiology and cell biology as well as cancer research. He is currently one of nine principal investigators in Center for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO,  Center of Excellence funded by Research Council of Norway). He received Anders Jahre‚Äôs award from University of Oslo in 1993 and is Honorary Doctor at University of Uppsala since 2004.

He is member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and letters since 2006 and The Royal Society of Sciences, Uppsala since 2002. He has served as Dean at Medical Faculty at University of Bergen, Chair of Medicine and Health at Research Council of Norway and Director General in the Research Department of The Royal Ministry of Education and Research. His is currently chair in the program board of Human Biobanks and Health Registries in Research Council of Norway.