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Andrej Kranjc

Andrej Kranjc (Slovenia) is full Member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Prof. Emeritus of Karstology at the University of Nova Gorica, Scientific Adviser at Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU and retired. 

Born on November 5, 1943 at Ljubljana, where he also studied geography (A) and archaeology (B), master degree in 1977, and Dr. in 1987. All his study and work is dedicated to karst, primarily at the Karst Research Institute (Postojna), where he spent his active years, from assistant to the head of the Institute. He initiated the study of karstology and was director of Karstology programme at the University of Nova Gorica. In 1972 he achieved a specialisation in speleology in France (Moulis) and later he visited and studied karst on all the continents, except Antarctica. His main interest was in cave sediments, karst geomorphology, karst hydrology, protection and conservation of karst, man on karst, and history of speleology and karstology. Number of his publications more or less on karst exceeds 1000 in Slovene, English, and 12 other languages. As a researcher or co-ordinator he participated in numerous national, bilateral (with Greece, Italy, France, China, Poland…) and international (COST, IGCP UNESCO, Culture 2000) projects. He was Editor-in-Chief and is member of editorial boards of numerous domestic and foreign professional journals and books. Besides he held different positions, just to mention the chair of Karst Commission of International Geographical Union, Caves and Karst Specialist Group Members WCPA, IUCN Reviewer, member of Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO. Actually he is Vice-President of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.