Július Oszlányi

Július Oszlányi (Slovakia), Dr., Director of the Institute since 1996, Forestry University Zvolen, Law Faculty of the Comenius University, Bratislava. PhD. thesis 1973 "Production of the above-ground biomass in the oak-hornbeam forest". Current work: Ecology  and biodiversity of forest and mountaineous ecosystems, their ecological stability,  Ecology of forested areas. Long-term ecosystem and species diversity  research  in oak-hornbeam forest, natural spruce forest  and floodplain forests, the influence of underground water changes on species biodiversity changes. Land-use changes, land abandonment, cultural landscape preservation in the mountaineous regions ( Carpathians). Leader of Central and Eastern LTER ( Long -Term Ecological Research) Network Office, Member of Scientific Council of European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. Leader of the projects of 5th and 6th and 7 FP( Slovak part).  Recipient of 2001 Prince Asturias Award as project coordinator, project proposals evaluator and delegate of the Slovak Republic in EC programme committees. Publications: 13 monographs, 37 chapters in monographs, 96 scientific papers, numerous expertises.