Pre-Publication Project Biosciences

Climate Change and Health

EASAC has a significant tradition of interest in climate change issues across the Programmes, and the Biosciences Programme published on climate change and infectious disease in 2010.

Following discussion by the Biosciences Steering Panel in late 2016, a project has been initiated to examine the range of issues for climate change and human health in Europe. It is intended both to clarify how to resolve current uncertainties in the evidence base and how to implement knowledge in a supportive EU health policy framework that also ensures integration of strategy across all relevant sectors.

An initial scoping discussion was held with DG Sante, and a Working Group of experts nominated by EASAC academies is now being formed. We expect to complete the project during 2018. We recognise that there are various other groups active in this area and it will be an important early task for the EASAC project to ensure appropriate linkages and awareness to enable EASAC to add value to what has already been achieved elsewhere.

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