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Transforming Europes Electricity Supply - summary


What planning processes are required for a European grid to ensure that investments in capacity to transmit electrical energy are made in the right places?

How should a European grid be operated to ensure that the maximum benefit is extracted from a given infrastructure?

What are the implications of current and prospective developments in transmission technologies for meeting environmental, operational, energy efficiency and investment needs?

European energy policy seeks to create a pan-European competitive electricity market and to increase substantially the generation of electricity from renewable resources. In the coming years these two factors will require significantly increased transfer of large amounts of electrical energy across long distances and national borders in Europe.

However, the existing European electricity grid infrastructure, and generally low levels of integration and co-ordination in the planning and operation of the grid, will not support such transfers of electricity and consequently the achievement of Europes energy policy goals. EASAC (the European Academies Science Advisory Council) has therefore examined the developments that are required in the planning, operation and infrastructure of the European electricity grid.


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