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Building science in to policy

Top European Scientists are today gathered in Stockholm to launch a new council for providing independent expert advice to European policy makers.

Leaders of the national academies of the EU member states, together with Academia Europaea and ALLEA (All European Academies), met today at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to establish a new independent body, European Academies' Science Advisory Council. The aim for this council is to provide authoritative scientific judgements to the policy-makers of the European Union on a wide variety of topics, for instance environment, agriculture, energy, fisheries, health or food safety.

There is a strong commitment among the Academies to undertake such a role at EU level.

The Foreign Secretary of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Professor Uno Lindberg, was elected the inaugural Chairman. He says:-
" We have a great challenge in front of us, building science into policy in Europe. Many key policy issues have a scientific component. The need for quick and reliable advice from credible sources is more important than ever."

As Vice-Chairmen of the new council, were elected Prof. E. Vesentini from Italy and Prof. N. Schamp from Belgium. The office will be located at The Royal Society in London.

Using the best active research scientists in Europe, the Council will appoint expert groups to prepare advice on specific issues within months, either at its own initiative or at the request of those seeking advice.

For further details, please contact;
Prof. Uno Lindberg, Chairman
Foreign Secretary, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Phone: +46 8 16 41 01
E-mail: <link>

Dr Peter Collins, The Acting Executive Secretary
Director Science Policy, The Royal Society
Phone: +44 207 451 2584Fax: +44 207 451 2692
E-mail: <link>

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences P.O. Box 50005, SE-104 05 Stockholm, SWEDEN Phone: +46 8 673 95 00, Fax: +46 8 15 56 70 e-mail:, Webmaster: Fredrik All

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