The recent IPCC Report confirms that global warming is getting faster and faster. The impact is playing in real time as we watch…
Remove obstacles to sharing health data with researchers outside of the European Union
The state of the Atlantic adds a layer of variability to local sea level rise in Europe, while the massive loss of ice mass in the…
After a wide-ranging approach of EASAC member academies by the World Bioenergy Assosciation about EASAC's work on forest biomass…
Joint initiative by the Press and Communications Group of EASAC member academies

Science Advice for the Benefit of Europe

EASAC is the voice of independent science advice, mobilising Europe’s leading scientists to guide EU policy for the benefit of society. It brings together the National Academies of Science of the EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland and UK.

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EASAC Environment Steering Panel Meeting


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Tue 05 Oct

EASAC Energy Steering Panel Meeting


Steering Panels Energy
Thu - Fri 14 - 15 Oct

"Regenerative Agriculture" Working Group Meeting

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