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Moving Water Symposium

Moving water
International symposium, Stockholm 12 November 2007

Where? In Kulturhuset, Stockholm (Horsalen, Studio 3)
When? 12th of November 2007
How? One day event with presentations and discussions
For whom? The General Public, Policy makers, Politicians, Professionals, Scientists, Journalists

Moving water has great potential for energy production. All around the globe, water energy can be assimilated, not only in the traditional way with dams, but in the form of waves, tides, river and ocean currents, etc.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) are hosting an international symposium in Stockholm, Sweden on 12 November 2007 to explore the potential and challenges of energy from moving water. Present technologies and future prospects will be discussed against the background of the prevailing policy context at national, EU- and international levels. The symposium contains four sessions:

  • Session 1  The policy context
  • Session 2  Current and emerging technologies and future prospects
  • Session 3  Constraints and opportunities
  • Session 4  Panel discussion and debate

Symposium programme - please click here

One purpose of the symposium is to develop policy recommendations aimed at specific audiences, such as policymakers at national and EU levels.

Partners and sponsors:

  • The Energy Committee and the Environmental Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
  • Secretariat of Linnaeus2007
  • The Swedish Research Council
  • The Swedish Water House
  • Stockholm University

For further information about the symposium, please visit:

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