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COP26 side event: The role of academies of science in Climate Change policy actions

Organised by ASSAf (Academy of Science of South Africa).

Friday 05 Nov

Time and Location

    The purpose of this session is to disseminate the science advice products from academies of science that have a bearing on climate change. In addition to their honorific function, academies of science provide science advice to government. Climate change is one of those areas where science advice is sought as it also covers a number of other areas. The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) has recently published The 2nd Biennial Report on Climate Change which it will disseminate through this session. The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) which is a global network of academies has produced a report entitled Evidence-informed Policy for Tackling
    Adverse Climate Change Effects on Health: Linking Regional and Global Assessments of Science to Catalyse Action. The report was as a result of work was done through the regional members of IAP of whom ASSAf is a member. These documents are available for use at the COP26 and beyond as countries address climate change as a wicked problem that has a global impact.

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