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EASAC-IAP Online Session on Climate Change and Health on occasion of the World Health Summit

On 26 October 2020, IAP hosted an online session on Climate Change and Health at the World Health Summit. The session presented and discussed preliminary findings of the project that IAP in cooperation with EASAC is undertaking on this issue at the moment.

There are many pathways, direct and indirect, mediating the effects of climate change on human health. There is significant variation within and between regions and amongst different population groups. While there is also increasing political awareness of the issues and a rapidly accumulating evidence base, there has been less focus on solutions: how to develop resilience, adaptation in health systems and health co-benefits of climate change mitigation.

The IAP project, aiming to inform policy-makers and other stakeholders, is progressing in parallel with the regional academy networks in Africa (NASAC), Asia (AASSA) and the Americas (IANAS), building on previous work done in Europe (EASAC). The regional outputs will all be published by early 2021, to be followed by a global synthesis report to explore regional similarities and differences, inter-regional issues and global priorities.

The session at the World Health Summit was chaired by IAP President Volker ter Meulen and moderated by Sir Andrew Haines. The session invited regional perspectives (virtual) from European, Asian, American and African academy network experts on emerging issues and on key points that require further exploration. 

The slides of the different speakers are available for download in the right hand column. A recording of the session is provided below.

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