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EASAC-JRC Fringe Event / Innovation Convention

Tuesday 06 Dec

Time and Location

  • Brussels, Belgium

The Communication of Innovation in the Biosciences and the Acceptance of Novel Technologies: the Case of Nanomaterials


EASAC (European Academies' Science Advisory Council) and JRC (Joint Research Centre)

Programme: Research and innovation are of pivotal importance for the EU's sustainable economic growth and competitiveness and subsequent beneficial effects on the job market. However, what happens when scientifically tested innovations in the Biosciences are not accepted by the European public or the public of individual Member States? How can policy-makers prevent that public opinion turns against research and new technologies that could have a highly beneficial effect on the economies of Europe? The successful communication of novel research and technologies must be seen as a prerequisite for an economically beneficial integration of most Bioscience innovations in Europe.

EASAC and the JRC have been working in the field of communication of research and innovation in the Biosciences for many years. In October 2011 the two organisations have presented a joint report on the "Impact of Engineered Nanomaterials on Health: Considerations for Benefit-Risk Assessment". This report contains science-based policy-recommendations for the institutions of the EU. For this Fringe Event at the Innovation Convention, EASAC and the JRC are bringing together leading experts in the field to discuss the communication of this novel technology to a lay audience. The focus of the discussion will be on the contribution that the communication of new bio-technologies can make towards the acceptance of such technologies by the European public.

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