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European Parliament Approves Methane Emissions Reduction

Following the vote in the European Parliament on April 10 2024, EASAC Energy Director, Dr William Gillett, welcomes the adoption of the amended proposal for a regulation on methane emissions reduction in the energy sector, which reflects many of the recommendations made by EASAC in its Future of Gas Report (2023).

The provisional political agreement with EU countries was adopted with 530 votes in favour, 63 against and 28 abstentions. The regulation covers direct methane emissions from the oil, fossil gas and coal sectors, and biomethane once injected into the gas network. Rapporteurs were Jutta Paulus and Pascal Canfin.

"As well as methane emission reduction targets and stopping all unnecessary flaring and venting, particularly crucial are the monitoring and transparent verification of methane leakage reports for natural gas supply chains both inside the EU and outside for imported gas supplies. As recommended by EASAC, the new regulation highlights the 20-year global warming potential of methane (80 times that of CO2) alongside the widely used 100-year value," explains Gillett.

EASAC Environment Director, Prof. Michael Norton adds: "It is to be welcomed that the Parliament is acting to implement the Global Methane Pledge made at COP26 in Glasgow. But there is so much more that the companies responsible for massive leaks could and should be doing - even for their own narrow economic interests. That many in the oil and gas industry remain so cavalier about their climate impact is a huge barrier to tackling climate change."

The law now must also be adopted by the Council. It will then enter into force 20 days after publication in the EU Official Journal.

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