Laurent Degos

Laurent Degos (France), Professor Emeritus of Haematology University of Paris, Vice President of Paris Biotech is appointed member of the Good Governance Committee of European Haematology Association EHA.

He was the first Chairman of the Board of the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) (2004- 2010). Previously he chaired the board of the French Agency for Health Product Safety, AFSSAPS and the French Transplantation Agency (to day named ANSM and Biomedicine Agency respectively).

He is corresponding member of the French Academy of Sciences, Institut de France.

He discovered how to transform a leukemic cell (acute promyelocytic leukemia) into a normal cell, thereby opening up a new approach to cancer treatment (differentiation therapy, personalized medicine, targeted treatments) rewarded by several prizes among which the General Motors Award (Kettering Prize, 1994), shared with Wang Zheng Yi (Shanghai, China).

Laurent Degos as a clinician conducted the clinical department of blood disease in Paris and simultaneously worked with the Nobel Prize Awardee Professor Jean Dausset. He directed the INSERM (French Medical research Institute) research department “Transplantation immunogenetics” and was the director of the Biology and Biotechnology PhD School. He was director of the University Institute of Hematology at the Hôpital Saint Louis (1993-2003), Vice President of the Curie Institute (2011-2014) and of the  Pasteur Institute (2014-2017).He was the co-President of the French-Chinese Foundation for Science with Chen Zhu, (former Minister of Health in China).

Officer of the Legion of Honour and Officer of the National Order of Merit, Professor Honoris Causa of Shanghai UMS2 Jiao Tong University.