Fernando Briones

Ph.D. in Physics, University Complutense of Madrid in 1972. Since 1989 is Professor of Research,  now  emeritus,  at  National  Centre  of  Microelectronics,  Consejo  Superior  de Investigaciones   Científicas   and   from   1995   to   2005   Director   of   the   Instituto   de Microelectronica de Madrid – CNM-CSIC.

Active  in  the  fields  of Solid  State  Physics  and  Technology, Molecular Beam  Epitaxy  of compound  semiconductors,  self-assembled  semiconductor  and magnetic  nanostructures, he has  published over  300  papers in SCI  journals, obtained 15  patents,  two  of  them  in exploitation by VEECO, USA, supervised 22 Ph.D. Thesis. He has been developing MBE and    nanotechnology    processes    for    IR and    UV detectors, bio-sensors, space instrumentation, optoelectronics, and advanced photovoltaic solar cells.

He  has  been  researcher  at  Max-Planck  Institute  in  Munich (1972-76),  at HP  Materials Research  Labs  in  PaloAlto (1980-81), and at  University  of Colorado-Boulder, USA (1995), invited researcher at NTT research Labs in Tokio (1988-89) and MBE consultor for Samsung Research Labs in Seul (1996).

He has been PI of 12 EC funded European projects, 2 EU Networks of Excellence and 20 National Research  projects, 3  I+D  contracts  of  Ministry  of Defense,  a  coordinated CONSOLIDER-INGENIO  2010 project,  and  NANOGEFFES  2009-2012  GENESIS  on photovoltaic solar cells and various technology transfer projects.

Along 2007-2013 he   has   been   serving   as   PE3 Panel Member   of   the   Evaluation Committee for RTD-ERC-IDEAS Starting Grants  and  Consolidators  Programs  and  in 2009 President of the Review Panel for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the Swedish Research Council.

He has been co-founder in 2003 of the Spanish Nanotechnology Network NANOSPAIN. From 1988 to 1996 has been Coordinator for the Physics and Technology Area of CSIC and member of the National Advisory Board for Science and Technology.

In  2005  he  obtained  the  Jaime I  Prize  for  Novel  Technologies. From 2009 to 2012 member of the Advisory Board on Research Ethics of CSIC and in 2015 member of the Research Ethics Advisory Panel of ERC.

Since 2006 is Academician of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences.