Prof. Dr. Rajmund Michalski

Rajmund Michalski has worked in the Institute of Environmental Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze since 1988. His main research interest concern: ion chromatography and related techniques (including hyphenated techniques IC-ICP-MS, IC-MS) applications in environmental, food and medical research. He is the author of dozens of books, manuscripts and over 190 publications about applications of analytical chemistry in environmental engineering and protection.  

He stayed at several long- and short-term foreign internships, including 1 year in Japan (Tohoku University, 2000-2001) and few months in Germany (Institute of Environmental Protection and Geology in Wiesbaden, 1999. 2002, 2010), as well as Universities in Cluj Napoca (Romania),  Thessaloniki (Greece) and Bilbao (Spain).

He is a member of Polish Association of Chemistry; Committee of Analytical Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences; Polish Committee of Standardization; Natural Mineral Waters Europe (Environment and Sustainability Committee and Quality & Health Committee), and Chairman of Scientific Committee of international conference “Ion Chromatography and Related Techniques”.