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Dr Rajmund Michalski

Dr Rajmund Michalski's (Poland) scientific interests include: analytical chemistry, environmental protection, applications of chromatographic techniques (IC, HPLC, GC) to the determination of inorganic and organic compounds in environmental samples. His publications include a dozen books, book chapters, manuscripts and 150 publications about applications of ion chromatography in environmental samples analysis, as well as application of modern analytical techniques for environmental protection and assessment. He is active in scientific debate as a Member of the Polish Association of Chemistry; the Polish Committee of Standardization (Technical Committees of Air Quality and Water Quality); the Polish Academy of Science (Committee of Analytical Chemistry - Committee of Water Analysis and Committee of Analyses in Environmental Protection) and in CASSS (the California Separation Science Society). He has held a number of Fellowships, including "Molten Sulphur Chemistry Under Ultrasonic Waves", 05.2000 - 04.2001, a post-doctoral fellowship at Tohoku University, Institute For Advanced Materials Processing, Sendai, Japan, and "Species analysis of chromium (III) and (VI) in the ?g/l range using ion chromatography" 17.06.2002 - 16.08.2002, DAAD, Hessian Agency For the Environment and Geology, Rheingaustrasse,D-186, 65 203 Wiesbaden, Germany. He has participated in over 50 conferences and seminars (all with poster or lecture presentation).