Tarmo Soomere

Tarmo Soomere (Estonia) graduated in 1980 from Lomonossov Moscow State University as mathematician and received a PhD in oceanology from the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow (1984), and the degree of Doctor of Mathematics (1992) from Tartu University, Estonia. He has been Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in Germany (1994-1997 and 2005), Visby Fellow in the University of Uppsala, Sweden (2000-2001) and worked for one year in the Center of Mathematics for Applications, University of Oslo (2006-2008). He was appointed as Vice-Director of the Marine Systems Institute in 2002-2004 and elected as the first Professor of Coastal Engineering in Estonia (2005). Currently he is the Head of Wave Engineering Laboratory in the Institute of Cybernetics. His scientific interests have been mostly concentrated in wave theory and modeling, with specific focus on various processes in the nearshore and coastal zone management. In 2002 he received the Estonian State Research Award. He was declared the Person of the Year in Estonia 2005 by the daily newspaper The Postman for his contribution to the forecast of a devastating storm, received the Baltic Assembly Prize for science (2007), was elected to Estonian Academy of Sciences (2007) and to Academia Europaea (2009).