Vincas Būda

Prof. Vincas Būda (Lithuania), Dr. Habilitus, full member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Director of the State Research Institute Nature Research Centre (NRC, Vilnius).

Graduated from Vilnius University as biologist-biophysicist in 1972. PhD from Moscow Lomonosov’ University in 1981. Chief researcher and head of Laboratory of Chemical Ecology and Behaviour since 1998 at the NRC, director of NRC since 2013. Professor at Vilnius University (2008–2014) Fellow of the Lithuanian Academy of sciences (since 2008).

The main areas of interest: chemical ecology, informational interaction in organisms via chemical compounds, sensory systems, ecological physiology, entomology, ethology, applied ecology.

Author of over 190 research articles, one patent and one EU patent application, two national inventions, one textbook, over 80 popular science publications.

Member of the Lithuanian Research Council (2008–2013) and its expert, expert for the Ministry of Education and Science, Centre for Evaluation of Quality of Studies, Central Agency for Project Implementation in the Republic of Lithuania, member of the Board of the Press, Radio and Television Support Foundation (Lithuania, 2008–20110. Expert of the European Science Foundation and Latvian Council of Science. Member of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO.