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Lancet Planetary Health

Health must become core to global climate policy negotiations

Authors: Mogwitz, Johanna; Fears, Robin; Haines, Andy; ter Meulen, Volker

Published in November 2022, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages e849-e851

Abstract: As the world is struggling to recover from a global pandemic, the concurrent threat to human health from climate change must be given greater political attention. The challenges that climate change pose to societies have typically been addressed by ministries of energy and environment and by environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs), who do not have sufficient knowledge to assess and tackle health aspects of climate change. Some progress can be discerned in recent years when health ministries have begun to address the issue, capitalising on the commitment of health NGOs and international organisations such as WHO, but this has often been confined to sustainable health-care systems, disregarding the wider co-benefits of action.


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