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Science Academies inform discussion at upcoming G7 Summit


The science academies of the G7 countries have been advising heads of state and government in the lead-up to the annual summits since 2005. Before each summit, the national science academies of the participating states look at urgent issues relating to the summit agenda to work on them scientifically. The academies discuss these topics relating to global challenges in order to give inputs for public policies and debate from an independent scientific point of view. On each occasion, it is the host nation’s academy that assumes the role of coordinator – the Science Council of Japan in this year. Due to increasing global interdependence, more countries are being invited to these summits and this is reflected by a rising number of academies involved. Under the leadership of the Science Council of Japan, the G7 academies and other nations prepared statements prior to the upcoming G7 Summit in Japan May 2016.

The following three joint statements have been published and were sent to the heads of state and government:

1. Understanding, Protecting and Developing Global Brain Resources

2. Strengthening Disaster Resilience is Essential to Sustainable Development

3. Nurturing Future Scientists


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