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Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences organises "Lunch of Knowledge"


On February 14th the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, together with, the Swedish Society of Parliamentarians & Scientists, Rifo, is arranging a “lunch of knowledge” in the Swedish Parliament for MPs.

The phenomenon of resistance to facts – to not let ourselves be influenced by facts that speak against one's own opinion - is discussed extensively. When the debate is skewed and deflects from facts there is a risk that decisions are made for unclear reasons and trust in policy makers may decrease. Many researchers have experience of getting their knowledge questioned. This may involve research on climate, migration, genetically modified organisms and vaccination. The development of digitisation and social media has made the spread of both knowledge and opinions unmanageable.

How can researchers and policymakers respond to myths and resistance of facts? What can be done about the resistance of knowledge? What is the role of science?

The Swedish Society of Parliamentarians & Scientists, Rifo, is a forum for facilitating contact and dialogue between members of the Swedish Parliament and researchers.


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