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10th Anniversary Event in Brussels

EASAC has celebrated its 10th anniversary on 7 November in Brussels, at the Palace of the Royal Belgian Academies. Because EASAC aims at improving the dialogue between scientists and policy-makers, the first part of the evening consisted of just such a dialogue: The German Minister for Research, Prof. Annette Schavan, addressed the question of "What do policy-makers expect from science advice?" to which Lord May of Oxford, the former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, replied by elaborating on the question "What advice can science deliver to policy-makers?". In the second part of the evening, leading experts, brought together by EASAC, delivered such scientific advice to the assembled representatives from the EU Commission, Parliament and Council of Ministers: The EASAC working group on Concentrating Solar Power presented its findings and recommendations regarding the contribution of this technology to a sustainable energy future in Europe. After the programme, the EASAC President Sir Brian Heap invited the over 200 attendants to dinner and thus to the less formal part of the celebration, which went on until just before midnight.

Speeches and Presentations:

<link fileadmin ppt brian_heap_easac_introduction.pdf download file>WelcomeSir Brian Heap (EASAC President)                                      <link fileadmin ppt download file>[Audiorecording] 

<link fileadmin ppt speech_minister_schavan.pdf download file>What do policy-makers expect from science advice?
<link fileadmin ppt speech_minister_schavan.pdf download file>Prof. Annette Schavan
<link fileadmin ppt speech_minister_schavan.pdf download file>(German Minister for
Education and Research)                                                                   <link fileadmin ppt download file>[Audiorecording]

<link fileadmin ppt presentation_lord_may.pdf download file>What advice can science deliver to policy-makers?
Lord May of Oxford
(formerly Chief Scientific
Advisor of the UK Government and President
of the Royal Society)                                                                           <link fileadmin ppt download file>[Audiorecording]

<link fileadmin ppt csp download file>Concentrating Solar Power: its potential contribution
to a sustainable energy future
Prof. Robert Pitz-Paal
(Chairman of the EASAC Working Group on
Concentrating Solar Power)                                                              <link fileadmin ppt download file>[Audiorecording]

<link fileadmin ppt brian_heap_eu_challenges.pdf download file>The EU's Grand Challenges: a scientific perspective
Sir Brian Heap
(EASAC President)                                                     <link fileadmin ppt download file>[Audiorecording]

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