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EASAC stimulates discussion on antimicrobial drug discovery


Following publication of the Statement "Antimicrobial drug discovery: greater steps ahead", EASAC organised a discussion in Brussels on 3 December 2014 to raise visibility of the issues with policy-makers and to discuss the EASAC conclusions within the broader context of what is needed to tackle antimicrobial resistance and of how the EU can best contribute to global priorities.

In opening the event Jos van der Meer (EASAC) explained the development of antimicrobial resistance in relation to the use and misuse of antibiotics, particularly the indiscriminate use in some human and animal populations. In terms of mechanisms, resistance occurs because of changes in the antibiotic reaching the target, premature inactivation or pumping out of the bacterium, or the target becomes insensitive.

The public health problems caused by resistance are compounded by stagnation in drug development. This discovery void emerged about 20 years ago and the EASAC Statement draws on work from various scientific disciplines to make a series of recommendations to tackle the challenges...

Read full summary of the event here.

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