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Knighthood for EASAC Vice President


EASAC is delighted to announce that one of its Vice Presidents, Professor Martyn Poliakoff, has been recognised in the United Kingdom's New Year's Honours list.

Sir Martyn, who is a Research Professor of Chemistry at Nottingham University, UK, and Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society, has been awarded a Knighthood for his services to the Chemical Sciences.

Sir Martyn is a pioneer in green and sustainable chemistry. He is also a very prolific campaigner for the public understanding of science, best known to a wide public for his <link http:>Periodic Table of Videos, which contains a short film for every chemical element, on a YouTube channel that has so far drawn more than 80 million views.

His activities link in with EASAC and its member academies' own efforts to contribute to the public's better understanding of science, e.g. by publishing <link home reports-and-statements.html>Lay Summaries on the various EASAC reports.

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