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Public Launch of EASAC Policy Report on "Genome Editing" on 4 May in Brussels

The EASAC report on "Genome Editing": Scientific opportunities, public interests, and policy options in the EU will be publicly launched  in Brusselson 4 May 2017, 12:00-14:00, Palace of the Academies, Rue Ducale 1.

Join Europe's cutting-edge scientists at the launch of our genome editing report. These scientists are offering European policy-makers the latest evidence-based advice on ground-breaking research involving genome editing and plants, animals, microbes and patients.

Policy-makers must ensure that the regulation of applications is

  1. evidence-based,
  2. takes into account likely benefits as well as hypothetical risks, and
  3. is proportionate and sufficiently flexible to cope with future advances in the science.


[12:00 light lunch available]

12:30 Opening by EASAC President Professor Thierry Courvoisier

Review of EASAC project outputs EASAC Programme Director Professor Volker ter Meulen

Human Genome Editing and further considerations Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, The Francis Crick Institute, UK

13:15 Panel discussion with:

  • Professor Joachim Schiemann Julius Kuehn Institute, Germany
  • Professor Bert Rima Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Professor Klaus Tanner University of Heidelberg, Germany

13:45 Open discussion of the panel with the audience

14:00 Close of event [followed by coffee]


Presentations of the launch event:

Professor Volker ter Meulen, Chair of the EASAC Working Group

Professor Lovell-Badge, The Francis Crick Institute

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