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Pre-Publication Project Biosciences

AI in Healthcare

Presently on hold until the new Programme Director is in post later this year, this joint project with FEAM will use case studies to explore how the added benefits of AI-incorporated health products and services can be evaluated for adoption into healthcare use. Outputs will assess where new guidance or regulation is desirable, taking into account existing legislation and regulatory frameworks in development. Key issues to be addressed include: data quality and uncertainty; interoperability and federation of datasets; validation of algorithms; ethical issues and responsibilities, including privacy and security.

An EASAC-FEAM joint scoping paper has been finalised (January 2023) and was presented at a meeting in Sweden in May, co-organised by FEAM under the auspices of the current Swedish Presidency of EU Council. Other speakers included the European Parliament rapporteur for the European Health Data Space, the DG Sante legal lead on AI, and members of the Swedish Parliament and Health Authority. This was a very useful occasion to raise the visibility of the forthcoming project and to remind policymakers and stakeholders about the continuing issues for data quality and sharing, societal concerns and the need for coherence in policy frameworks.

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