Pre-Publication Project Biosciences

Meat Alternatives

Presently on hold until the new Programme Director is in post later this year, this project will examine nutritional, health and environmental impacts and the accompanying technological, regulatory and societal challenges associated with recent progress in developing meat alternatives. There will be particular focus on the applications: cultured meat; plant-based substitutes; insects for food and feed; and fermentation products. Applications will be assessed in the context of objectives for greater resilience of food systems, and project outputs will focus on using the scientific evidence to inform policy options.

The Working Group has been constituted, has had one virtual meeting, and contacts have been initiated with policymakers and other stakeholders.

Working Group Members

  • Baret, Philippe - FR
  • Bartkiené, Elena - LT
  • Bearth, Angela - CH
  • Bhat, Rajeev - EE
  • Bovenkerk, Bernice - NL
  • Divéki, Zoltán - HU
  • Ellis, Marianne J. - UK
  • Flores, Monica - ES
  • Guiné, Raquel P.F. - PT
  • Hermannsson, Anne-Marie - SE
  • Lindahl, There - SE
  • Meier, Matthias - CH
  • Mourdjeva, Milena -BG
  • Neubauer, Peter - DE
  • O'Sullivan, Aifric - IE
  • Poppy, Guy - UK
  • Ryynänen, Toni - FI
  • Salamini, Francesco - IT
  • Sandberg, Ann-Sofie - SE
  • This, Hervé - FR
  • Tuomisto, Hanna Leena - FI
  • van den Brandt, Piet - NL
  • Zabielski, Romauld - PL
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