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Meat Alternatives

The project was reactivated with an invitation by the chair of the working group, Prof. Bert Rima. Most members of the working group reiterated their interest in the project and a working group meeting took place on 16 February 2024 with a discussion on the different meat/protein alternatives, including new (e.g. cultivated meat) and more traditional techniques (e.g., some fermentation processes, plant proteins), new EU and global policy developments, and questions and issues that should be addressed by the report, and those that should be left outside of its scope.

The Working Group has been constituted, has had one virtual meeting, and contacts have been initiated with policymakers and other stakeholders.

Working Group Members

  • Rima, Bert (Chair) - IE
  • Castro, Rosa - EASAC
  • Ajmone Marsan, Paolo - IT
  • Bartkiené, Elena - LT
  • Bearth, Angela - CH
  • Bhat, Rajeev - EE
  • Bovenkerk, Bernice - NL
  • Divéki, Zoltán - HU
  • Ellis, Marianne J. - UK
  • Flores, Monica - ES
  • Hermannsson, Anne-Marie - SE
  • Lindahl, Therese - SE
  • Mourdjeva, Milena -BG
  • Neubauer, Peter - DE
  • O'Sullivan, Aifric - IE
  • Poppy, Guy - UK
  • Ryynänen, Toni - FI
  • Sandberg, Ann-Sofie - SE
  • This, Hervé - FR
  • Tuomisto, Hanna Leena - FI
  • Zabielski, Romuald - PL
  • van den Brandt, Piet - NL
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