How We Are Financed

Most of EASAC’s funding is provided by its members, the European National Academies of Science. Some contributions are made by independent foundations, and originate from organisations such as UNESCO.

EASAC member academies pay an annual contribution that supports the functioning of EASAC's work. Furthermore, they make substantial in-kind contributions by funding all travel expenses for participation of their nominated experts in EASAC's Steering Panels and working groups.

The expert scientists on EASAC's Steering Panels and working groups give their time free of charge.

EASAC has no commercial or business sponsors.

As the „Regional Affiliated Network for Europe“ of IAP, the Global Network of Science Academies, EASAC receives some support for its work from this organisation, which in turn is fully funded by UNESCO.

EASAC sometimes applies for project-specific funding with non-profit foundations, such as the United Nations Foundation which supported the publication of EASAC's report on "Extreme Weather Events in Europe“.