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EPBD adopted by European Council

After receiving the green light from the European Parliament recently, the Council has finally adopted the revised EU Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD), though with a small majority. The revised Directive sets new targets to reduce the overall energy use of buildings across the EU, while each Member State will adopt its trajectory to achieve them.

"It is good that scientific evidence has prevailed despite the large, but unavoidable challenges it presents," comments EASAC Vice-President, Professor Brian Norton. Among other things, EASAC had recommended the establishment of one-stop shops for advice on building renovation, the phasing-out of gas boilers, and the inclusion of provisions on public and private financing that will make renovation more affordable and feasible for vulnerable groups.

"More importantly, the text visibly moves from the concept of zero-energy buildings to zero-emission buildings," explains EASAC Energy Programme Director, Dr William Gillett. "Knowing that the negotiations were difficult, it is undoubtedly good news that this has gone through before the European elections."

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