András Tompos

András Tompos (Hungary) graduated as chemical engineer at Budapest University of Technology in 1994. He was PhD student at Central Research Institute for Chemistry, where he dealt with design of heterogeneous catalysts for selective hydrogenation of a,b-unsaturated aldehydes. He defended his PhD thesis in 1999. Until 2001 he was post doc at RWTH Aachen studying enantioselective catalytic ring opening of mezzo epoxides by means of salen complexes embedded into zeolites. After his return to Hungary his attention was attracted by combinatorial tools and high-throughput experimentation in optimization of heterogeneous catalysts. He had an important role in development of so-called Holographic Research Strategy that can be used for optimization of catalyst libraries. From 2008 he was head of a research group and then, from 2014, director of the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (IMEC). He is president of Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.