Davide Moscatelli

Davide Moscatelli (Italy) received his Laurea cum laude in Chemical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 2002, and his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2006. He is full professor of Applied Physical Chemistry at Politecnico di Milano and he collaborates with ETH Zurich since 2007.

His main research interests are in the material synthesis for technological applications, with particular emphasis on semiconductors, polymer materials, nanomaterials and chemical compounds for oil and gas applications. The general aim of his research is the development of new approaches to synthesize and functionalize innovative, efficient, and tunable smart materials. The research activity is focused on: i) the synthesis of semiconductors for photovoltaic applications in CVD processes by coupling detailed kinetic schemes with transport phenomena active in both gas and solid phases and introducing the obtained data in rector models; ii) the synthesis, characterization and functionalization of polymer materials for applications in the oil exploration and production with the aim to increase the productivity and decrease the environmental pollution; iii) the synthesis, characterization and functionalization of organic and inorganic nano and microparticles for waste water treatments. Davide Moscatelli is co-author of more than 120 papers on international journals and more than 10 patents. H-index: 26.

Davide Moscatelli serves as lecturer of Petroleum Technologies and Refining Processes course at Politecnico di Milano. The course is focused on both oil upstream and downstream with particular emphasis to the chemical engineering aspects: thermodynamic, kinetic, transport phenomena, catalysis and chemical processes. The world energetic consumption; the role of oil and, more in general of fossil fuels; the renewable sources, the social and environmental sustainability are also deeply discussed.

Davide Moscatelli is a member of the editorial board and advisory panel of several international scientific journals. He is the recipient of the 2017 award Class of Influential Researchers (Amercian Chemical Society) and he serves as reviewers for more than 30
international journals.