Pre-Publication Project Energy

Security of sustainable energy supplies

The next energy project, which will address the security of sustainable energy supplies is expected to begin in 2024 and to deliver a report for publication early in 2025. The project will build on earlier EASAC work on the Future of Gas and on the Decarbonisation of Transport and Buildings, as well as on the EASAC Commentary on the EU Hydrogen strategy, and on the earlier EASAC reports on Electricity Storage and Nuclear Waste management.

The study is anticipated to address all aspects of energy security and all existing and emerging sources of energy together with their transmission and distribution networks. It will review the reliability of the integrated EU energy system, during its transition to net zero by 2050, and its ability to deliver adequate supplies of sustainable energy affordably over the year from EU based sources together with a sufficiently diverse mix of suppliers from third countries. In addition, it will address the security of supplies of raw materials for energy technologies, and key socio-economic issues, including emission trading, sector coupling / integration, energy poverty, and financing.

Working Group Members

  • Gillett, William - EASAC, UK
  • Allard, Bert - SE
  • Blaabjerg, Frede - DK
  • Charmaison, Bertrand - FR
  • Collares-Pereira, Manuel - PT
  • Duić, Neven - HR
  • Dupont, Claire - BE
  • Ekstedt, Mathias - SE
  • Fejfar, Antonin - CZ
  • Gawlik, Lidia - PL
  • Haas, Reinhard - AT
  • Hartmann, Bálint - HU
  • Imre, Attila - HU
  • Kalogirou, Soteris - CY
  • Kivimaa, Paula - FI
  • Kjølle, Gerd - NO
  • Kok, Koen - NL
  • Konist, Alar - EE
  • Korpås, Magnus - NO
  • Lampart, Piotr - PL
  • Lekavičius, Vidas - LT
  • McKenna, Russell - CH
  • Purica, Ionut - RO
  • Serrano Granados, David - ES
  • Sik-Simon, Rita - CZ
  • Sovacool, Benjamin - UK
  • Stambolis, Costis - GR
  • van den Graaf, Thijs - BE
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