Post-Publication Project Biosciences

Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture

EASAC has conducted the European regional phase of a global IAP project in parallel with the three other regional academy networks within IAP (NASAC for Africa, AASSA for Asia and IANAS for the Americas).

The EASAC report was published in December 2017. The EASAC regional conclusions will also feed into other relevant activities at the EU level, for example the European Commission's Food2030 strategy.

In addition, EASAC outputs will help to inform the IAP global phase of the project work and EASAC Working Group representatives met recently with scientists from the other regional Working Groups. The global phase of the project will report in mid-2018 and it is anticipated that a high level of EASAC activity will continue to help stimulate international discussion, for example at the World Science Forum in Jordan in November 2017.

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