Pre-Publication Project Energy

Decarbonisation of Transport

Working Group Members

  • Gillett, William - EASAC, UK
  • Bettzüge, Marc Oliver - DE
  • Blok, Kornelius - NL
  • Boulouchos, Konstantinos - CH
  • Bradshaw, Alexander - DE
  • Bruce, Peter - UK
  • Duic, Neven - HR
  • Frank, Harry - SE
  • Giannopoulos, George - GR
  • Hamacher, Thomas - DE
  • Johnsson, Filip - SE
  • La Poutre, Han - NL
  • Lauriko, Juhani - FI
  • Mol, Carlo - BE
  • Oswald, Kirsten - CH
  • Schmidt, Thomas Justus - CH
  • Starikovs, Aivars - LT
  • Sturm, Peter-Johann - AT
  • Ulleberg, Oystein - NO

The GHG emissions from the European transport sector currently represent approximately 30% of total GHG emissions from the EU and are dominated by those from passenger road transport (>50%), whilst those from the road transport of freight are <20% and those from maritime transport ~12% and from aviation ~12%. Overall, road transport currently produces 20% of the EU’s total emissions.   The project, which is being led by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences began with a workshop on 4 July 2017, where the EASAC experts met together with experts from the European Commission and stakeholders from the transport sector to discuss the challenges being faced by EU policy makers in this field. 

On the basis of these discussions, the working group is now refining the scope and outline contents of an EASAC report. They are also analysing and bringing together data and evidence from the scientific literature and independent reports. 

The planned EASAC report, which is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018, will contain recent scientific evidence as well as discussions of the policy options, which could deliver the decarbonisation commitments which have already been made (or will be made in the foreseeable future) by the EU, including those for the Paris agreement. 

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