Science-Policy Dialogue Project

In 2010-2012, and with funding from IAP - The Global Network of Science Academies, EASAC member academies ran a joint project on "Science-Policy Dialogue".

The objective of the project:

  • to improve academies' dialogue with policy-makers - both on a national and an EU-level
  • to make policy-makers and further public stakeholders aware of the National Science Academies' excellent resource of independent scientific knowledge and expertise
  • to encourage them to use these resources for science-related policy decisions
  • to strengthen the quality of National Science Academies' dialogue with policy-makers and public stakeholders/opinion leaders
  • to invigorate and deepen the co-operation among EASAC member academies

As a result of that project, EASAC academies produced a Good Practice Guidance.

Fourth Workshop Meeting, Halle 2012

EASAC-NASAC Joint Workshop "Strengthening the Dialogue between Science and Policy"

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • To enable member academies of NASAC and EASAC to share experiences of their past interactions with policy-makers and the wider public.

  • To discuss good practice in some of the more specific activities which belong to a dialogue between science and policy-makers and the wider public.

  • To scope possible common interests and to develop mechanisms for any future collaborations between the two networks.